Modified Dragon attacks for TH8's and TH7's

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Modified Dragon attacks for TH8's and TH7's

Post by AndrewPickens on Mon May 11, 2015 12:33 pm

As most of us know, we rely on dragons all through townhall 7, and through much of townhall 8. However, we reach a point somewhere in townhall 8 where all-dragon attacks become less effective for getting 3 stars on an opponent in war.
The following method has been proven to be quite effective against townhall 8's in war and can be used by both townhall 8 AND townhall 7 players.

I refer to it as the Dragon/Lightning/Balloon method.

The idea is to use 3 lightning spells to destroy one of the Air defense (the highest level AD if they are different levels), and you will have in your clan castle, 4 or 5 level 6 balloons. The theory is that after you destroy one of the 3 ADs, you are left to deal with 2, and you send in your dragons right at the remaining 2 AD's, followed by the maxed balloons that will destroy one or both of the air defenses (AD's). With all-dragon attacks, once all 3 AD's are destroyed, you should be able to 3-star the base.

The mindset of doing this, is that your target is not so much the Townhall, but the AD's. There are a few tricks to this method in order for it to be effective, and I will do my best to explain:

-First, you MUST take note of the position of the Air Sweeper, and you should not deploy your dragons into the path of the air sweeper.
-Second, take note of the AD layout and their levels. You would not eliminate a level 5 AD if the opponent has a level 6. Always take out the higher level AD if they are different.
-3rd, take a look at what is around the AD's. The most difficult AD to get to is going to be the one where you direct your clan castle (cc) balloons. That means the one that is being protected by the most storages.
* Also, you would not want to send in your balloons first. You should wait until the dragons have a good head start, because they will be the shield for the balloons. I usually wait until the dragons start taking fire from the AD's before sending in my balloons. However, if the distance is too far then you may send them in earlier. The main thing is that you don't want your balloons to be shot down before they can do their job.
*Also, pay attention to the surrounding defenses. Since balloons go for defenses 1st, make sure they are not going to get sidetracked on cannons and other defenses. We want them going for the AD's.
* Don't deploy your dragons in a big pile. Place your dragons carefully one at a time with a goal in mind. You have no control over dragons after you deploy them. The only control your have is how you place them, so don't lay them down in a big blob. It's poor execution and has led to many a failure. Especially against cc troops with splash damage like level 6 wizards or a level 4 dragon.

This method is based on the theory of eliminating one of the AD's, and then bull-rushing the remaining AD's. It has proven to be quite effective. Never send the balloons in without the protection of the dragons. It may take a couple tries to get it right, but it's worth it! If I forgot anything, please post below.
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